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Men’s health knowledge is critical to promoting a man’s fertility and overall health. There are many environmental factors, diet choices, medications, and illnesses that may affect a man’s fertility potential in addition to a successful microsurgical reconstruction. For more information on optimizing your fertility and your overall well-being before or after vasectomy reversal, the internet has a wide variety of resources. We will also provide you with personalized advice postoperatively.

Healthy Merlin is a good resource for unbiased and concise summaries and discussions of many men's health topics which our patients have found to be helpful in the past.

In addition, below are more references from national organizations.
A to Z definitions from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Urology Care Foundation
Patient Education site from the AUA (American Urological Association).

United States Government Healthy Men
Men’s Health: general background information from US Department of Health and Human Services



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